Fast Facts

  • Dates: Tuesday 20 July to Sunday 25 July 2021
  • Minimum Entry Donation:
    • R23 000 per rider
    • Group discount: book a group of 12 people, and only pay for 11
    • Limited space available
  • 4 days of sublime mountain bike riding and 5 nights camping under the stars
  • Luxury African camping experience
  • 60 to 80 km of riding per day
  • Three countries: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana
  • Start Point and Registration: Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site (South Africa)
  • End Point: Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site (South Africa)
  • Beneficiary: Children in the Wilderness

Entry Requirements

While this event is defined as a mountain bike tour and not a race, it is important for participants to understand that the route is strenuous. Although there are back-up and support teams, anyone who enters should take note of the following recommendations to ensure a safe and enjoyable Tour:

  • You must be in good, physical condition, with a resting heart rate of 60 bpm, and must have spent a minimum of 6 hours a week on a bike for at least the three months prior to the event.
  • Participation in at least one mountain bike event of a minimum of 70 km is mandatory in the 9 months leading up to the event.
  • You must have the ability to do a continuous ride of a minimum of 5 to 6 hours per day over four consecutive days.
  • You need technical mountain bike riding skills and must have completed ample training for endurance riding with lots of time in the saddle.
  • If you have any doubts as to your ability to complete the Tour, or have any pre-existing medical conditions, we highly recommend that you get permission from your medical doctor before entering, and ensure you have capacity to do the necessary training.

What to Expect

Accommodation/ Tent Villages

The tent village will be set up according to your allocated riding group. When you arrive in camp, all you need to do is to select a free tent in your group’s row, which will be clearly marked. Each person will be allocated a two-person tent with a high-density mattress. If you are travelling as a couple or family group, and riding in different groups but want to sleep in the same tent row, please let us know prior to the event, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Please Note:

  • If you change riding groups during the event, you will still sleep in the tented row you were originally allocated to.
  • All participants must bring their own pillow, bottom sheet (if required), warm sleeping bag and towel.

Bar Services

All drinks in the camp are served from the bar and paid for with non-refundable bar tokens. Bar tokens can be purchased in advance on your registration profile. We highly recommend pre-purchasing tokens to avoid carrying too much cash with you on Tour.

If you pre-purchase bar tokens, you will find these in your registration bag on arrival.

The bar stocks a variety of beers, wines sponsored by Painted Wolf Wines, soft drinks, and limited spirits and mixes. General costs are as follows:

  • Soft Drinks R10
  • Beer R30
  • Single Spirit R30
  • Spirit Mixer R10

Please do not bring your own alcohol. It will either be confiscated at the border or you will be liable for heavy import duties.


Bean There Coffee Station

Our volunteer baristas from Bean There are certainly a firm favourite on Tour.

Complimentary speciality coffees, tea and hot chocolate are served daily from 05h00 to 21h00.

Bike Services

Cycles United bike technicians will be based in all overnight camps to assist with bike repairs. All spares will be charged for and need to be settled directly with the bike technicians. We will stock the main brands of bike spares; if you require any specialised spares please ensure that you bring these with you.

Please note that the bike technicians are busy and will do all possible to assist with getting your bike ready to ride the following day. However, in order to facilitate this we ask you to take note of the following:

  • If you do need bike repairs, please ensure that you take your bicycle to the maintenance team as soon as you arrive in camp.
  • The bike technicians are not responsible for washing your bike.
  • All repairs need to be completed the night before as the bike technicians need to leave early in the morning to ensure they are set up at the next camp in time for your arrival.

Additional Notes:

  • Bike Washing: We ask you to be conservative with this service as water is a scarce resource and valuable commodity in the areas we travel through. Bike washing facilities will only be allocated to those bikes who need maintenance to ensure that we are not wasting water unnecessarily.
  • Bike Park: A pre-erected bike park will be located at each campsite. Please ensure that your bike is stored in the bike park each evening. Whilst we have not had any theft issues, if you want to be 100% sure about the safety of your bike, we recommend you bring your own combination lock and chain with you.
  • Bike Insurance: Please ensure that your bike is adequately insured as the Event Organisers cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to your bike. Insurance for your personal belongings is for your own arrangement and account.
  • Only mountain bikes in good working condition will be allowed to participate on the event.
  • Please note that tubeless conversions are MANDATORY. If you arrive without a tubeless conversion, you will be asked to pay for a conversion on site (which will definitely cost you more).
  • Please ensure that you have a spare derailleur hanger and other bike-specific spares.
  • Please ensure that you carry the basic bike spares required to fix day-to-day technical problems. See our recommended Packing List for some suggestions.

Daily Schedule

  • Early morning light breakfast served from 05h30 in camp. This will include cereals, muffins, fruits and porridge.
  • Luggage and mattresses need to be carried to the top of your tent row for loading onto the luggage trucks.
  • The first group will depart at around 06h15 and the last group at around 08h30. This is dependent on the sunrise.
  • A Tea Stop is set up at approximately 25 km on the riding route. This stop serves sweet and savoury snacks, tea, coffee and juices. Energy supplement is also available here.
  • A Bush Brunch will be arranged at approximately 40 km on the riding route and consists of any of the following: wraps, sandwiches (or similar), pasta salads and soft drinks. Energy supplement is available here.
  • A bike park and bike technician team will be located in each camp.
  • A Recovery Station will be set up near the Bar in each camp.
  • Light lunch is served in camp from around 13h00 to 16h00.
  • The bar will be open in camp (there is an additional cost for drinks) while Bean There Fair Trade Coffee operate their tea and coffee station at no extra cost to the participants.
  • Camp services, i.e. bike mechanics, massages, medical tent, hospitality desk, etc. are available each day until 21h00.
  • Dinner is served around 19h00. During dinner participants are briefed on the following day’s ride.

Hospitality Desk

In each camp, you will find the Hospitality Desk located near the bar. The Hospitality Desk will be available to assist with:

  • Support, and assistance with any general enquiries
  • Sale of bar tokens
  • Management of lost property
  • Charging devices
  • Safe-keeping of valuables
  • Passport management for informal borders


Luggage is restricted to ONE x 20 kg soft tog bag that includes your personal belongings.  Penalties will apply for overweight bags.

4×4 luggage trucks transport the luggage from camp to camp. In your registration bags you will be given luggage tags, which are colour-coded according to your riding group. Please ensure that these tags are securely attached to your luggage so that when your luggage is offloaded in camp, we know which tent row it belongs to. We will do everything possible to keep your personal belongings safe; however, please do not leave valuables unattended in your bag. Rather hand them to the Hospitality Desk for safekeeping. We recommend that you keep your bag secured with a combination lock at all times; theft, unfortunately, can and does happen. Please ensure that your passports are stored in a safe place (we do suggest that you ride with your passports each day).

Please Note

  • Please do not have loose sleeping bags or small items separate to your luggage – due to the volume of luggage, these small items are likely to get lost.
  • Ensure that you use the event luggage tags on all your belongings. If your bags are not labelled with your name and they are mislaid, we will be unable to return them to you.


  • Included in the entry donation is a 20-minute complimentary massage each riding day, sponsored by EPT Recovery.
  • Your massage appointments can be booked at the massage station and we suggest you do this as soon as you arrive in camp each day.
  • Please note that later time slots will be reserved for the later groups to ensure every rider can enjoy this service.


  • Throughout the Tour, all meals are catered for, from a light lunch on your arrival day to a full English breakfast on the day of departure.
  • Each day riders will enjoy tea and brunch stops on the route, and breakfast, lunch and dinner in camp.


  • A medical tent will be set up in each camp to manage day-to-day ailments. The medical tent will be run by a qualified medical person at all times.
  • Please note that we have limited stock of basic medical supplies.
  • If you require chronic medication, please ensure that you bring this with you.

Recovery Station

A Recovery Station will be set up in each camp next to the bar. Energy supplement will be available before and during your ride each day. Whether you are preparing for your ride or just arriving back in camp, you can enjoy a delicious supplement – your muscles will appreciate it!

Showers and Toilets

  • Each camp has showers for you to enjoy after a hectic day’s riding. Please bear in mind that we are operating in remote areas and thus water is a scarce resource and valuable commodity.
  • We ask you to take this into consideration and keep your showers to 3 minutes.
  • Toilets are also available in each camp. Botswana and South Africa have chemical toilets, which are serviced throughout the day. In Zimbabwe, we have long-drop toilets. These are also serviced throughout the day.
  • There are no formal toilet stops along the riding route, so the ‘bush toilet’ is your only option. Please ensure that you burn or throw away any used toilet paper to avoid it littering the wilderness areas.


Tipping the local staff is completely at your own discretion. If you want to tip staff, please do not tip them directly or tip using bar tokens, as these are non-refundable for staff, and just cause havoc. We will have a tipping jar available at the Hospitality Desk where any tips that you would like to leave for the local staff can be deposited, and will then be distributed equitably.

WiFi Services

Wi-Fi services, powered by Liquid Telecom, are provided on the first and last evenings only.