Riding with a purpose!


Exquisite views of all three countries traversed during the Tour de Tuli from Mapungubwe

Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa



We have set a list of the most common questions asked pre-ride. Have a look through and see if your query is answered, if not, feel free to drop us a line – info@childreninthewildernss.com and we will gladly reply. If it is a good one, we’ll add it to the FAQ list and you get a free beer on Tour!

How can I make payments on Tour?

Payments for services on Tour can be paid for with Bar Tokens. These can be purchased online prior to the event or from Support Desk on event.

What currencies are accepted on Tour?

Cash will be accepted in ZAR, BWP and USD. Exchange rates will be determined and set the week the event starts.

Can family come along on Tour?

Due to the extensive logistics and costs of operating in these remote areas, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate non-riding family and/or friends. Your family can take advantage of some of the travel options available to visit nearby lodges and camps whilst you are on Tour.

For the same reasons as above, we are unable to accommodate non-riding family members for the first and last night’s functions, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Is there cell phone signal on Tour?

Unless you have a sim card for the relevant country or roaming, you may struggle to get signal. There are also many areas where there is no signal at all. The event does have communication via Two-way radio and SAT phones for emergencies.

Will there be WiFi on Tour?

WiFi will be sponsored by Liquid Telecom on Tour. The WiFi will be available for participants on the first and last night only. The nights in between, the WiFi will only be available for the credit card facilities and media team.

Who can my family contact in case of emergency?

For any emergencies whilst the event is taking place, please contact Mari on +27 (0)11 257 5057 or +27 (0)82 627 5001.