Rules and Regulations

As a participant on the Tour, please note the following:

  • Age requirement for all participants is minimum 16 years of age and maximum 70 years of age, unless permission has been requested and granted by both a medical practitioner and the Event Organisers.
  • Safety-approved riding helmets are compulsory; mountain bike appropriate shoes and gloves are recommended.
  • Each participant will be allocated to a group of comparable riding ability. They will ride in groups made up of approximately 15 participants, which includes allocated Tour and Support Leaders for each group, to ensure that the safety of the riders is never compromised.
  • This is not a race and you do not have to be a super mountain biker to enter. However you do need to be fit and healthy, with ample training and preparation to be able to participate.
  • Acceptance onto the Tour is subject to the participant completing and submitting the following:
    • Online registration form
    • Online acceptance of the Indemnity Form and Terms and Conditions;
    • Full payment of the required amount by due date
  • The organisers reserve the right to decline any registrations for any reason whatsoever, at their sole discretion without explanation. In these cases full refunds will be given.
  • Should any participant behave in a way that negatively affects either the enjoyment or safety of themselves or other guests, they will be warned and if need be, evicted from the Tour without compensation. This includes any participant who comes to the Tour not medically and/or physically fit enough to participate in an event of this nature.
  • It is imperative that your bike board is properly affixed to your bike and has your NAME on it. If you change bikes please ensure that your bike board name is changed as well.
  • At the event you will be given a colour-specific wrist band; please wear this throughout the event so staff and suppliers can identify you as our guests.

Consent and Agreement

By completing the online registration for this Tour, it constitutes consent by all participants covered by that payment and/or registration, to all provisions of the conditions, and general information contained on the following:

The terms under which you agree to participate in this Tour cannot be changed or amended, except in writing and signed by the Tour Director.


If you wish to ride an e-bike on the Tour, please take note of the following:

  • It is imperative that you inform the Event Organisers of this bike choice at least two months prior to the event, if you have not noted this on your online registration.
  • Due to the terrain, it is compulsory that all e-bike riders bring along two batteries. This is essential as the days can and do get long, with limited charging time and capacity.
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure their batteries are handed over to be charged as soon as they get into camp each day. The charging station will be located near the bike mechanic station. The spare battery needs to be handed to the Hospitality Desk, who in turn will give it to the Brunch Team, so that the backup battery is available if needed during the riding day and can be replaced at Brunch. The Brunch Team will return all batteries to the Hospitality Desk once they are in camp.
  • The route is strenuous and requires you to have sufficient technical and endurance training. Please ensure that you are prepared for riding this event and that the bike will not have to do all the ‘riding’ for you.
  • Please be aware that due to the terrain, you will need to carry your bike at certain points on the route.
  • Please ensure that your bike is fully insured for an event of this nature.
  • Tubeless conversion is mandatory and you will need to bring along any specialised parts.
  • If you are flying in with your bike, please check with your airline, as they may not be able to transport your bike and the battery for security reasons.


  • This mountain bike Tour traverses National Parks. All participants must agree to respect the wildlife and environment through which we travel and to obey all National Park rules and regulations.
  • No littering. Please keep all your wrappers on you until the next refreshment stop.
  • Please burn all toilet paper if you have to use the ‘bush toilet’.
  • We kindly ask you to assist us in leaving these areas in a pristine condition. This will ensure that we can continue to ride through these wonderful wilderness areas in the future.


  • Although the area the Tour takes place in is low malaria risk, we advise you to consult your doctor with regards to anti-malaria precautions.
  • A current tetanus vaccination is recommended.


  • It is a condition of entry that each participant ensures they have comprehensive travel insurance. You will be charged directly by the relevant service providers for any emergency services you may require, so ensure that you are fully covered.
  • It is also recommended that participants take out cancellation insurance. Due to the logistics of the event, we cannot refund any entry donations.
  • The Event Organisers cannot be held liable for personal injury, death, loss of, or damage related to the respective event.

Luggage and Bicycles

  • Space on the luggage trucks is limited and you are restricted to one 20 kg soft bag.
  • Please ensure that your luggage and bicycles are clearly LABELLED. Luggage tags and bike boards will be supplied in your registration bag.
  • Please ensure that your luggage and bicycles are adequately insured as the Event Organisers cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to personal belongings, luggage or bicycles.
  • Bikes will be loaded onto and off trucks for transport to/from the start of the Tour.
  • Only mountain bikes in good working condition will be allowed to participate. Please ensure that your bike will be able to handle an event of this nature.
  • Please note that tubeless conversions are MANDATORY. If you arrive without a tubeless conversion, you will be asked to pay for a conversion on site (which will definitely cost you more).
  • All participants must carry a 3L hydration pack – this is mandatory and those who arrive without one will be fined.
  • In the areas we travel through, sand is inevitable. We will do everything possible to stay away from the sand, but we suggest that you prepare for it, and get wide tyres to ensure you are equipped to deal with it.

Passports and Visas

  • The onus is on the participant to ensure that his/her passport and visas are valid for the countries through which we travel, i.e. South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The Organisers, the sponsors, their staff and their agents cannot be held liable for any visas etc. not held by the participant, or the cost of visas.
  • Please ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months after the Tour and that you have two blank pages in your passport.
  • A colour copy of your passport needs to be uploaded on your registration profile or sent to the event organisers by May 2021.


  • The Tour Organisers reserve the right, without further notice, to make use of any photograph/film taken on the Tour without payment or permission. No photographs of a compromising nature will be used.


  • Participants may not deviate from the official route.
  • The mountain bike Tour may take you into close contact with wild animals. Neither the Organisers, the sponsors, their employees, partners nor agents can be held responsible for any injury or incident on the Tour.
  • The Tour Leader and officials’ word is final! Safety precautions must be taken seriously and should be strictly adhered to. Anyone found in contravention of the officials or any safety regulations will be evicted from the Tour without compensation.
  • Should you arrive on the Tour without adequate preparation and proceed to hold back your group during the Tour, your Tour Leader will be entitled to prevent you from riding and/or to allocate you to a support vehicle.
  • We recommend that all participants carry a space blanket with them. These are cheap, readily accessible and extremely useful.