Meet the Nedbank Tour de Tuli Route Team

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Anton Wood

Anton, our head cyclist leader, leads Group 1 setting the overall pace for the Tour. He also manages the team on the reccee’s for our Botswana and South Africa routes; finding paths through thick sand and down uninhibited single tracks. A real thick skinned, kind-hearted and most determined individual – certainly not afraid of a challenge…

“I was roped into the tour by my friend Trent Sinclair some eight years ago and have never looked back since. It is a privilege to be involved and is definitely one of my passions. Thanks to an amazing team the Tour is always an unforgettable experience.”

Andrew Howard

Andrew was part of the very first route finding trips, for the original Tour de Kruger, running through South Africa and Mozambique. Heading up the Land Rover Owners Club support crew and routes for Botswana and South Africa, he has taken part in the Tour and assisted with the route marking of every single event. This will be his 15th tour, including one Tour de Zambezi. Andrew is also the creative mind behind the cycle shirts and Tour collateral.

“There is nothing better than sitting with good mates around the big tree at Kgotla camp in Botswana, planning with the cycle team for what will be an exciting ride for the next year. A few plans go into pranks against cyclists, the most famous being the ‘fruiting bike tree’ at ABC camp. The greatest thing I have taken from the Tour is the privilege to ride in un-spoilt wild places and the fantastic lifelong friendships made along the way.”

Miles Crisp

In 2008 whilst sitting on a sandbar in the Limpopo, Miles was challenged by Malcolm McCulloch to create riding routes in Zimbabwe. He is another one of the shining stars; a long standing cyclist leader and since his challenge, heads up the route marking for the Zimbabwe section of the ride. After riding all the Tour de Kruger events, and most of the Tour de Tuli’s; 2017 will be his ninth year of riding and route marking! In 2012, Miles resigned briefly after living for four days on apples while marking the route! Fortunately Miles was lured back by the new diverse braai smells created by his fellow Tour mates Jakob Jordaan and Brendon Lowe. His whole family will be participating in the 2017 Nedbank Tour de Tuli – a little family get-together!

“Nedbank Tour de Tuli allows people to indulge their cycling and bush passions whilst simultaneously contributing to the lives of hundreds of children through Children in the Wilderness (CITW). I have made many lifelong friends through the Tour and am happy to be able to contribute while having fun.”

Jakob Jordaan

“One life, live it!” says it all about Jakob. Jakob partook in the Tour de Kruger in 2005, being part of the recce team, before the first Tour started. Twelve years and all twelve Tours later, he is now part of the furniture – with the famous blue Landy (Land Rover). Over the years Jakob has been involved in recces, finding routes and manning Strat point one for the Tour de Kruger in Mozambique and later for the Nedbank Tour de Tuli in Botswana. Since 2014 he has been involved in recces and routes on the Zimbabwe side.

“The Tour has been a wonderful experience of bush, wildlife, getting stuck in river crossings, campfires, whisky accidents, early morning headaches, excellent food and meeting the most amazing people!”

Brendon Lowe

Having participated in his first tour in 2014, Brendon started by taking on the massive task of driving the masseuse teams from camp-to-camp. He quickly realised there was more action to be had on Tour and joined the Zimbabwe recce team with Jakob in 2015. From here he has become more familiar with the Zimbabwe part of the Tour and regularly participates in the recces helping to lay out the vehicle and cyclist routes in the course of the year before the event. He hails from Pretoria and is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He has a keen love for anything Land Rover related and loves mountain biking. He hopes to participate in the actual tour one day.

“I have been so enriched by the good work Children in the Wilderness is doing in the youth and African communities in different parts of southern Africa that it has inspired me to offer my time and services to the cycle tour as a small sacrifice to help them achieve their end goals. This has made volunteer work take on a whole new meaning for me and I’m proud to be associated with such a professional team!”

Tjaart van der Walt

Tjaart is a new face on the Route team, another mountain bike enthusiast with an incredible heart, helping Miles with the recce for Zimbabwe. We are thrilled to have him on the team and look forward to what we know is going to be another incredible event!

“Mountain biking unlocks the opportunity to spend exquisite times in nature with exceptional people.  Only people with positive mindsets can simultaneously sustain the beatings that a mountain bike dishes out, as well as deeply appreciate the wonders of God’s creation and the beauty of people.”