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How to use the bosu ball while #TrainingforTuli

By 17th May 2018Apr 20th, 2022No Comments

This week we take tips from Tanja  Schmitz, publisher of Fitness Magazine, who has made a video on how to use the bosu ball to prepare for the Nedbank Tour de Tuli 2018. Admittedly…the moves are tough but the benefits to them balance out perfectly!

Tanja says:

“I’ve added this bosu ball routine to create some instability – which in turn builds core stability and improves balance. Both of which are essential on a bike, and pretty much helps with any sport.”



  1. Start by finding your balance on the bosu, try and hold a squat position for a few seconds.
    The moves:
    You’ll feel your glutes, hammies and quads work throughout all the moves to keep you balanced. Remember to keep your core engaged when performing each move.Complete the following in circuit style (do all the moves back-to-back, only rest once circuit is complete. Perform 3x circuits.


  1. Pendulum swing:
    Move down into a squat with DB in 1 hand, power upright – switch DB over to other hand. Repeat.
    Perform 12 swings.


  1. Medicine ball squat press:
    Hold the medicine ball to your front, squat down, then return upright and press overhead.
    Perform 12 squat presses


  1. Balance jump:
    Turn the bosu over, in a squat stance jump onto the bosu. Make sure you find your balance in the squat position when in the ball, then jump backwards to start position. Repeat.
    Perform 12 jumps. Add this to any full body or leg workout session.(Bosu stands for ‘both sides utilized’)