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Faces on Tour | Caroline Culbert (Behind the Camera)

By 17th Jul 2017Apr 20th, 2022No Comments


Caroline is another popular face on Tour and is once again joining us as part of the media and camera team. Caroline is most well known for her role managing the photographic portfolio at Wilderness Safaris – a dream job! Her hobbies include bird-watching, and when she’s in the mood for a hit of adrenaline, you can find her exploring the mountains and ski slopes of Europe.

Role on Tour: My role is to photograph the Tour and capture a little of the “camp life”; images of the volunteers, suppliers and cyclists. At the end of the Tour we put together a slideshow; a look back at the fun we’ve had over the last few days.

How many Tours have you worked on? Two so far. The effort and organisation that goes into the Tour is mind-blowing.

Best part of being on the media team? Waking up at 4 am! Okay, not that part, but once awake, the best part is watching the sunrise with a great cup of Bean There coffee out in the bush.

Most memorable moment? Watching the elephants and cyclist meet – these make for incredible photographic moments.

What does an average day’s work include? Charging camera batteries. Then it’s out into the field with one of the Land Rover guys to find the cyclists. Every now and then we do a quick flip in the helicopter for a birds-eye view of the Tour. The end of the day is for downloading, sorting pictures plus a quick chat with the rest of the media team to hear the about the thrills and spills. It’s then back at my computer to work on the end of Tour presentation which requires a lot of time.

What sort of images do you look for or hope to capture? What I really love is to be a part of the team, so that is the challenge, to capture in some small way – the spirit of the Tour.


What are the biggest challenges out there for photographers? Dust and elephants!

Favourite stop or camp – and why? Amphitheatre Camp also known as ABC, an incredible location in Botswana. However, each camp is an experience and holds its own beauty and attractions.



Your favourite motto or quote? Ride with Heart – always.


What excites you most about this year’s event? Being part of the Tour, ‘looking in’ so to speak and experiencing the tour from behind the lens, and then reliving it all again, seeing all the smiles and remembering happy moments.